The Artist

I am what you can not explain,
I am the one you lost and found,
I am the one not belonging but attached to everything.

I am the silent noise in the winds
while the light and dark mixes
in what you call reality.

I started drawing when I was around 4 years old, and throughout my childhood years I was drawing a lot in class at school, droodling on paper. I went to a few drawing classes, highschool, later college in computer tech, then worked a few years in game biz, started several companies with friends and acquaintances in mid 90s, online games and websites, a few employments in bigger companies. Then I started my own company in 1997, doing assorted projects as freelancer. I made ~200 Video FX plugins, always have been doing assorted creative projects, as hobby and selfemployed business is seemlessly mixed, and all I do I feel attached to stronger than what is usual for a profession, I see what I create as a part of me, even though some parents object if I say "it is like my kid, so don't fck with it", well I am different that way then, not a fan of critique of my art, it is how it is, if it looks bad I already know, if it looks good to me, I don't care what it looks like to you.

Well if you like some of it, thanks for your interest!